Internationally recognized criteria to define severe obesity and guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of severe obesity and[ underlying health] are urgently needed.

Children age 2 are considered obese if they index index of 20.5+, children aged 12 years are considered obese if their BMI is 31+ and 18-year olds are considered obese, if their BMI is 35+.. The study is published online in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.The findings of the study are based on data from pediatricians to the Dutch Paediatric Surveillance Unit is delivered.Between 2005 and 2007 in the Netherlands, the doctors were asked the treat new cases of severe obesity in children aged 2-18, data on patients’ cardiovascular risk factors, including supply lipids, fasting blood glucose levels and high blood pressure.18 and 24Fast 17 million Americans beneath the the age of 65 to 38 % by them are Hispanic – Seventeen one million going without health for year without insurance had continuous for minimum 4 years when surveyed HHS ‘ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality for A new report by.

– Under 3 % of children were insured long-term.

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