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It must be closed which closure is actually performed either through femoral vein or an open heart surgery. However, in the full case of small Atrial Septal Defect, where there is absolutely no enlargement of chamber they could be treated by you by firmly taking appropriate medicines. The Percutaneous Closure of ASD is performed by inserting a device through the arteries in the groin. The process of ASD Gadget Closure is conducted in a special cardiac catheterisation lab under the influence of general or local anesthesia depending on the specific case.Advaxis uses this organic immunity to LLO and identical proteins to improve the response to tumor and infectious disease antigens by fusing a bioengineered form of LLO that is designed for this purpose to any selected antigen, therefore creating an antigen-adjuvant molecule with higher immuno-reactivity compared to the antigen by itself. Although Advaxis typically delivers these fusion proteins by engineering live Listeria to make and secrete them from within a patient’s cells, the technology has found use in other research laboratories and has been inserted into a number of non-Listeria vaccine vectors.