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Coagulation testing has been an important focus for Sekisui for over two decades, said Robert Schruender, chief and president operating officer of Sekisui Diagnostics. We are delighted that this relationship with Abbott will bring the benefits of our bodies, which is a leading product in Japan, to many customers all over the world. .. ACT Foundation achieves milestone: More than one million students trained in CPR Program The Advanced Coronary Treatment Foundation is thrilled to announce that several million Ontario students have now been trained in the lifesaving ACT High School CPR Program – an unprecedented milestone.The first interim analysis was performed at 167 patient-years, before the focus on accrual was reached, and the next interim analysis was performed after the accrual of 841 patient-years. Based on the strength of the data at the next analysis, the analysis team asked the plank to consider early launch of the info from a third interim evaluation, that was performed after accrual of 1316 patient-years. The panel released the info to the analysis team, and the outcomes were initially provided after accrual of 1435 patient-years. The results shown here are from all data obtainable by April 21, 2014, including 1605 patient-years of follow-up, and represent the final analysis.