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For capsule endoscopy, the goals of bowel planning are not only to clean the colon but also to facilitate progression of the capsule through the gastrointestinal system, to maintain residual clear liquid in the colon for visualization through the so-called submarine view, and to steer clear of the suction and rinse techniques that are used during colonoscopy. Because of these extra goals, the bowel-preparation routine useful for capsule endoscopy was even more extensive than which used for colonoscopy.21,22 Oral sodium phosphate and water administered approximately 2 hours after capsule ingestion in the morning, with an additional part administered in the first afternoon for sufferers who didn’t excrete the capsule at that time, were used to stimulate the progression of the colon capsule through the gastrointestinal tract while maintaining colon cleaning.Remember, your hair is the direct reflection of your wellbeing. Therefore, if you are healthful and well nourished, your hair will instantly show it. Pop vitamin and calcium B pills to stimulate hair regrowth too. Exercise Did you know constant stress could impede hair regrowth? Regardless of how hectic a routine you follow, make sure you get at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. If fighting a bone-tiring workout routine is not to your liking, then you can certainly switch over to fun way of working out like playing soccer always, cycling or even boxing.