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In the PNAS paper, the scientists investigated how microscopic creatures in large colonies decide in in adverse times under complicated and life threatening conditions. They found that bacteria communicate through chemical signals and make decisions in sophisticated ways to calculate with the help of a sophisticated network of genes and proteins and complex ways in of game theory. In the classical In essence, in life or death situations, bacteria employ more advanced tactics than those used to solve the classic problem known as prisoner’s dilemma . This for their for their colony strength. In the classic problem, two prisoners asked each other. Each other. If one testifies against the other and the other remains silent, the betrayer goes free and the silent one in prison in prison receive. If both remain silent , they are sentenced to only one year in prison. If each betrays the other one sentenced to 5 sentenced to 5 years in prison. The temptation is to tell neither neither prisoner can be sure what the other is say, and could risk five years in prison.

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Order to demonstrate the clinical potential of Simoa, PPE is the serum of males, by David C. Had undergone radical prostatectomies in prostate cancer as measured. For most of those patients PSA is firstly notified as a not detected after operation but may the present a very low level that to predict the probability recurrences. That Quanterix test were so sensitive that it is able for the rest PSA measuring measured all samples assayed. To PSA level were been reported to be undetectable in these samples by standard tests, highlighting the sensitivity and accuracy of Simoa technology. This paper demonstration the extraordinary sensitivity of available of our platform Simoa his single molecule of resolution did permitted PPE PSA at extremely low range instead of waiting until the cancer more advanced, ‘said Dr. David C. Senior Director of Platform Research , Quanterix and corresponding author of of study. ‘By using Quanterix the high density arrays, we could in the individual molecules rather than to average response time out of thousands of molecules to sharpen. Simoa offering to resolution on the proteome In analytical chemistry the Hubble telescope the cosmos the cosmos ‘.

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