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In this respect it really is but natural to the fact that when you want what to have a better turn you would definitely want among this to be in your cause so that the final change is usually in your favour. Hence it is always better to be certain to the fact that what you are looking at is definitely of grave importance in the feeling that you would want it to be in your favour. In this regard it is always better to manage proper things and to consider details that are therefore yours.The poster entitled, ‘Phase 2 study of AEZS-108, a targeted cytotoxic LHRH analog, in individuals with LHRH receptor positive platinum resistant ovarian tumor’, G. Emons, S. Tomov, P. Harter, J. Sehouli, P. Wimberger, A. Staehle, L. C. Hanker, F. Hilpert, P. Dall, and C. Gruendker, for the AGO Study Group, details the use of AEZS-108, a targeted cytotoxic drug in which doxorubicin is linked to )-luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone , in women with histologically verified taxane-pretreated platinum-resistant/refractory LHRH-R positive advanced or recurrent ovarian cancer.