Jonas Hugosson.

Tammela, M.D., Stefano Ciatto, M.D., Vera Nelen, M.D., Maciej Kwiatkowski, M.D., Marcos Lujan, M.D., Hans Lilja, M.D., Marco Zappa, Ph.D., Louis J. Denis, M.D., Franz Recker, M.D.D.D., Chris H. Bangma, M.D., Gunnar Aus, M.D., Sigrid Carlsson, M.D., Arnauld Villers, M.D., Xavier Rebillard, M.D., Theodorus van der Kwast, M.D., Paula M. Kujala, M.D., Bert G. Blijenberg, Ph.D., Ulf-Hakan Stenman, M.D., Andreas Huber, M.D., Kimmo Taari, M.D., Matti Hakama, Ph.D., Sue M. Moss, Ph.D., Harry J. De Koning, M.D., and Anssi Auvinen, M.D. For the ERSPC Investigators: Prostate-Cancer Mortality at 11 Years of Follow-up Screening for prostate cancer has remained controversial, despite results showing a significant reduction in the death rate from prostate cancer among males offered screening designed for prostate-specific antigen .1 The European Randomized Research of Screening for Prostate Cancer is a multicenter trial initiated in 1991 in the Netherlands and in Belgium, with five more European countries joining between 1994 and 1998.Skeletal and other accidental injuries are normal during cardiopulmonary resuscitation,33 but an increased threat of nonintracranial bleeding had not been observed. Our findings usually do not suggest that thrombolytic therapy ought to be withheld in sufferers with cardiac arrest if the primary pathologic condition is known to be responsive to such treatment.10,34 A retrospective analysis demonstrated excellent survival in sufferers with myocardial infarction who had cardiac arrest and received thrombolytic therapy after the come back of spontaneous circulation35; thus, a more selective strategy may improve outcome.