One in eight children suffers from an stress and anxiety disorder.

Bar-Haim. In collaboration with the National Institute of Mental Health in america, a large international trial involving his computer program is now being carried out at more than 20 sites across five continents. The more options that exist for sufferers, the better that clinicians can tailor treatment because of their patient’s individual needs, Prof. Bar-Haim observes. There are always patients for whom medicine or cognitive therapy is not a viable choice, he explains. ‘Psychological disorders are complex, and not every individual shall respond well to every treatment. It’s great to possess new methods that have a basis in neuroscience and medical evidence.’..A few snapshots of Academic Health Middle stimulus grants: Neurosciences Who: Karen Hsiao Ashe What: Ways of prevent Alzheimer’s disease Amount: $746,460 Alzheimer’s disease researcher Karen Hsiao Ashe continues her studies of the disease that impacts millions of people in the us and the world. Lately, she has focused on the material that makes up Alzheimer’s plaques. In this latest project, she’ll determine whether specific types of the plaque molecules appear early plenty of in Alzheimer’s to become a target for therapies targeted at preventing the illness.