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$3 billion announced for global malaria action intend to eradicate malaria by 2015 Government leaders, philanthropists, international institutions, not-for-profit groups and companies on Thursday announced a combined $3 billion in contributions to implement the Global Malaria Actions Plan – – targeted at eradicating malaria worldwide by 2015 – – during the US General Assembly High-Level Conference on the U.N generic levitra . Millennium Development Goals in NY, the Wall Street Journal reviews. The GMAP aims to prevent 4.2 million deaths from malaria by 2015 by giving an array of interventions, including insecticide-treated nets, indoor insecticide spraying and effective malaria drugs .

And Reuters explores what may be on the horizon to improve those immunizations. Los Angeles Times: Why Does A Flu Shot Price So Much? For while doctors desire everyone to obtain a flu shot, flu shots, like many other issues in life, are not free. Stop by your local CVS or Walgreens and you'll shell out $30 roughly for the pleasure to getting poked by a needle at the rear of an indicator of a curtain. Why aren't flu shots free, or free nearly? Only if, says Curtis Allen, a spokesman for the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control. The real question ought to be – – how come the flu shot cost so little probably? .