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‘ART is giving desire to many veterans who experienced like that they had no wish,’ stated Lt. Col. Lawrence A. Braue, EdD, director of the USF Office of Veterans Providers. ‘I look forward to your day when this treatment is normally accessible across the country. USF University of Nursing faculty and personnel care about our veterans genuinely, and that means the world to any veteran.’.. ART safe and effective for treating combat-related symptoms of PTSD among veterans University of South Florida University of Nursing study suggests accelerated quality therapy may be an option for veterans with PTSD Accelerated Quality Therapy, or ART, is a brief, safe and sound, and effective treatment for combat-related symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder among veterans and U.S.The Northwest Genomics Center in Seattle will become one of the primary new, large-scale genomics centers centered on medical sequencing to be created in the U entirely.S. In greater than a decade. Experts at the University of Pennsylvania are studying neurodegenerative disorders, such as for example Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, and particularly the long-term neurological ramifications of antiretroviral medicines taken by HIV patients-both what the consequences are and, eventually, how exactly we can avoid dangerous results.