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John’s Wort, ginseng, green tea and black cohosh. The approach, Pauli said, will become innovative to botanical reference criteria and will transform the existing system of identifying natural health items. Related StoriesNew data analysis platform reveals main flaw in GC-MS processUCPH, Beckman Coulter Genomics identify effects of cancer on protein signaling networks within human cellsStudy may lead to development of highly accurate screening check for early-stage ovarian malignancy’Our new method of quality control will allow us to measure many parameters of natural quality simultaneously,’ Pauli said.Mr.’ and.

Acupuncture: From quack technology to proven treatment There are many alternative treatments which have been considered as quack medicine by the all-observing and all-knowing typical medical model. However, as results and science begun to prove their legitimacy, typical wisdom was pressured to acknowledge their efficacy. Acupuncture needles are one particular treatments that have gone from quack technology to proven medical device, and scores of people are experiencing its benefits today. How acupuncture functions In the 1960s, Professor Kim Bong Han and researchers in Korea attempted to prove the presence of meridians in the human body using microdissection techniques.